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Fall Transformation

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As the feel and smell of the air begins to change in its ever so subtle ways, I always feel an overwhelming desire to follow nature’s lead at this time of year.  Fall is my favorite season.  It reflects a winding down, a celebration of hard work; it rewards us with a bountiful harvest. It gently nudges the soul to accept inevitable change.  While it is always a transition to accept the shorter days of sunshine, the changing weather, the slow decline and ultimate death of the trees and plants, it is simultaneously refreshing and new and challenges me time and time again.  I begin to see that the cycles of life are necessary and beautiful and that if we accept these cycles, and changes and reside in the present, we are gifted with the true meaning of life.  Life is fragile, beautiful, magical, deep and connected.  I am taking this day to live in the moment and to experience, feel and reflect where I am currently, because it is truly all I really have.  this moment…

As for Nourish, it has been a beautiful summer with lots of adventure.  We are honing in on creating more accessible services to our community including juice and raw food detox packages, private cooking/raw food classes and lessons, catering, private chef services and pop up raw/vegan and vegan dinner events through the city.  We are also working to connect with and collaborate with other like minded vegan and raw food people in Portland.  The Fall season is upon us, and Nourish is excited about the fall harvest items available to continue to create tasty, healthy, organic, ethical nourishment for all..

Enjoy this gorgeous light while we still can!


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