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Winter Love – warming soups, raw food experiments and treats

The winter weather is a reminder of the importance of hibernation, rest, introspection. My time and energy has been focused on yoga practice, meditation practice, setting good intentions for 2013, and of course amazing vegan food.  I have a new dehydrator and have been experimenting with more raw food dishes… Enjoy the images! Stay warm and be real!

                          Image                         Image                         Image                         Image                                          Image                                          Image                                          Image



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Vegan Holiday Cooking

Nourish made an appearance in San Francisco for a few short days over Christmas.  Catered dinner for 5 at a private residence.  Menu was as follows:

Saffron, Sweet Potato, Fennel and Roasted Garlic Bisque with Meyer Lemon Cream

African Teff Cakes with Fava-Wild Mushroom Wat & Carrot Chile Chutney

Earl Grey Truffles

All Produce was purchased from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market and was local and organic…

A great celebration of food, life, and family was had by all!  It was my pleasure to prepare a healthy, vegan meal for everyone to enjoy.

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NOURISH: In the making

It is finally happening, things are coming together.  After a year of great gain and true self exploration, I find myself with the ability to put a lifetime of ideas, research, experience and learning to use for myself and with the goal of making a positive impact on all paths that cross mine.  My life path has been one, winding, road.  I would not change a thing. Living, learning, growing, evolving, choosing, none of it is easy, but it is really what life is all about… SO, NOURISH is a culmination of my experiences, hopes, passions and desires for the future.  Through sourcing, crafting and feeding people organic, local, vegan food, I envision a future that is both financially sound and equally as rewarding.  I take pride in and have devoted over ten years of my life traveling, studying, working and engaging in food communities.  I have been involved in everything from organic farming, to restaurant management, wine studies, urban agriculture, food activism, holistic nutrition and a raw foods chef apprenticeship.  After years of moving, learning and experiencing from NY to California to Spain to Florida to Montana and Rhode Island, and most recently Vancouver, British Columbia, I have decided to plant my roots and put my combined interests, experiences and passions to work.  This blog serves as means to follow the making of NOURISH, an intuitive, organic, local, vegan food business here in Portland, OR….

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