Welcome! NOURISH is an intuitive, organic, local foods service with a focus on vegan/vegetarian/raw cuisine. We offer catering, personal chef services, weekly delivery plans as well as menu planning and consultation for other vegan/raw businesses or restaurants. We strive to work with as many local farms, CSA’s and food Co-op’s as possible to purchase our goods for all menus. With an intuitively focused process, we mimic the seasons and embrace the gifts of the earth, as they are the most fresh, and most positively impact our growing communities and environment. Our other main goal is to provide all organic ingredients, although from time to time there may be something we cannot source organically. We believe in and support organic farming and small scale agriculture in an attempt to change our current food systems. Nourish is involved in community programming that supports urban and sustainable agriculture, food security/food policy, community gardens, and school garden education. We believe that with healthy food choices, we are making a statement and enacting positive change that will be forever felt. We look forward to working with you, tailoring our services to your nutritional, dietary, and personal needs to the best of our ability.


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