Independence Day…A celebration of “being”

The 4th of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Growing up on the East Coast, it was always a huge family celebration. Amazing food, the beach, fireworks, bonfires, family and friends. After first or second grade, I stopped thinking about why we even celebrate the day. It wasnt until a few years ago when I was living in RI, which has the oldest july 4th celebration in the country, dating back to 1777, just a year after the declaration of indepence was signed, that i saw and felt history. Ive since looked at this holiday in a new light. Im grateful to be American and to have the insane amount of freedoms that many other people cannot afford. Although this isnt entirely food related, although there will be plenty of tasty food going around this weekend, I wanted to share. Im thankful and blessed to not only be American, but to be free, safe, healthy and loving my life. Food, the earth, the sky and the ocean are all a part of that life..and I intend to celebrate them all this weekend, because I can, and should!


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